Beautifully Bohemian | IPSY | April Glam Bag Review

I know it’s a bit late to do an April Glam Bag Review (Hi it’s basically May) but I figured I’d share my new goodies with you all anyways! This has taken a bit longer than normal as one of my products came broken and I had to wait for a replacement before I could do a full review of the product! Hope you enjoy this!

April Glam Bag | IPSY

I LOVE this bag! I think that it goes perfectly with the bohemian theme for the month. I absolutely love the pastel colours and the faux straw material. The bag is actually larger than the past bags – so much so that I would actually consider using this as a clutch! My favourite glam bag so far this year!
5 hearts

Lather | ultra light face lotion
LATHER ultra light face lotion

My skin has always been a little bit whacky. I’ll wake up and my skin will be bone dry and then half way through the day I’ll feel like my face has completely transformed and is suddenly extremely oily. Needless to say, I’m always looking for products that can combat this problem so receiving a moisturizer in my glam bag was a welcome treat! First of all I loved the packaging on this lotion – many products with this type of lid are flimsy but this one appears to be super durable and rigid. When I first tried on the lotion makeup free I wasn’t really that impressed. I felt that while the lotion did absorb quickly it still left my face with a greasy feeling. I decided that wearing it once to bed wasn’t fair enough to give it an honest review so I tried it the next day under makeup. When I did this it felt completely different. It didn’t make my face oily at all – in fact it felt as though I wasn’t wearing any moisturizer at all! The only thing is that it didn’t help to reduce the oil build up on my face throughout the afternoon.
Four Hearts

NUDEs Eye Shadow in Flirty
theBalm Cosmetics Nude Dude Eyeshadow in FLIRTY

I think this is the most adorable eye shadow I have ever seen in my life. It is roughly the size of a match box and uses magnets as a means of keeping the little book closed. The little men on the packaging are both adorable and hilarious playing off the line name ‘Nude Dudes.’ Upon opening this product first thoughts were that the colour was going to be far too dark for me – I’m very pale and was worried that it would make me look like I had black eyes. Once I put on the shadow however, I was pleasantly surprised! There are subtle purples in the shadow and when paired with the brown base is actually very flattering for blue eyes. I have been wearing this product for the past couple of days and feel like my eyes are getting that extra attention I love! My only problem with the shadow is that it isn’t very pigmented and you need a lot to get your desired consistency. The staying power of the product is also slightly problematic for me!
Four Hearts

Hikari Cosmetics Blush in TANGO

This product is full sized and an impressive size for an IPSY product. My first impression of this was “WOW that is pink.” I get that it’s a blush and it’s supposed to add colour to my face, but I want the added colour to look as natural as possible. Maybe it’s years of competitive dance when my mom used to make my cheeks so pink with blush you could see it from the back of the auditorium but I have always been wary of blush. This product was VERY intimidating. I used one dab of it with my brush and the result was extremely pink cheeks. I did find the colour quite flattering with my skin, however, I feel as though this is a product I’m going to have to slowly ease myself into.
Two Hearts

Jor'el Parker - FEMINA
Jor’el Parker Perfume in FEMINA

I love feminine smelling perfumes. Normally I lean towards very fruity, and fun scents like my current obsession Incredible Things by Taylor Swift but there is something about this perfume that is different that I love. Maybe it’s the satsuma, vanilla or sensual musk (yes, those are all ingredients) that I am attracted too, but either way I love this perfume. The scent reminds me of glamour, sophistication and sexiness. My only wish was that it came as a spray as opposed to the rollerball. Who knows though, this could have been done on purpose as it is a very strong smelling perfume!
Four and a half hearts

KCO Colors Lipstick - Natural Born Beauty
KCO Colors by Beauty Brands Cream Lipstick in NATURAL BORN BEAUTY
So this product is the reason why my IPSY review is so late. The product came to me completely broken – so badly that I couldn’t even twist it to get the lipstick up. I emailed IPSY and, as always, they accommodated and said they were sending me a replacement product. Unfortunately due to stock you are not always guaranteed you will receive the same product, which, in my case is exactly what happened.

CARGO Mini Lip Gloss
CARGO Cosmetics Mini Lip Gloss – ANGUILLA
My replacement product is one which – after searching – I realized was featured in a previous IPSY bag. This is the first product from IPSY that I have been truly disappointed in. The colour was all too light, the consistency was sticky and thick, and it just felt like a $2 lip gloss you used to buy when you were in grade school. Sorry if that was rude, but I just want to be honest! I really wish that there would have been enough stock to get another lipstick but I guess beggars can’t be choosers! Unfortunately a low rating for this little gloss.
1 heart

Moisturizer – $21.00
Eyeshadow – $3.00 (based on price of palette with 12 singles)
Blush – $15.00
Perfume – $21.00
Lipstick – $8.00
Total Value of Bag – $68.00

So there you have it! My April IPSY bag review half way through May! Do you get IPSY? What’s your favourite product from the April bag? Let me know in the comments below!
I PROMISE I’ll be better with my May review! I just received the bag so look for that review coming in the next week or so!

Until next time!

a lee xo.


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